In addition to the Supply, Fabrication and Delivery, Pulse Steel Limited – PSL through its Construction Department is also able to offer Erection, Mechanical and Electrical Services.

All the projects is carried out by PSL personnel or subcontracted out to qualified contractor who work under the direct management and supervision of PSL.

A qualified site Construction Manager from PSL will manage the project whenever erection is under our responsibility.

Erection and Supply of Structural Steel carried out by PSL has the following advantages:

PSL erectors are familiar with PSL piece marking system and erection methods. This will reduce time required during erection for other erectors in understanding PSL system of material supply and erection methodology.

Eliminates time and efforts in solving disputes and claims raised by Erector due to delivery issues and mismatches, if any.

Saves client’s coordination between supplier and erector.

Delivery can be adjusted to suit site conditions.

All revisions can be easily handled by coordination between PSL engineering department and erection crew at site.